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  Nicole Renaud is a French soprano accordionist songwriter and film composer. After learning classical guitar as a child, she studied chanson at the "petit conservatoire de la chanson de Mireille" in Paris and opera with Canadian soprano Constance Lambert in New York.

She is an active performer at the crossroads of chanson/opera and performance art. She accompanies herself on a transparent luminous accordion designed for her by British artist Paul Etienne Lincoln Her last multimedia show "Couleurs" an original cycle of songs - a love story seen through colors - was featured at the Limoges Opera (France), the Biennale de la Chanson in Brussels (Belgium), the Goetland Poetry Festival (Sweden) etc …

Nicole has sung regularly on Franco German national television ARTE and on French national public radio France Culture for journalist and future minister of culture Frédéric Mitterrand.

As a film composer Nicole has had, over the years, a long-standing collaboration with celebrated film animator Bill Plympton. Many of her songs were featured in his short films "Eat", "The Cow Who Wanted To Become a Hamburger", "The Fan and The Flowers" and his feature films "Mutant Aliens" and "Idiot and Angels". "Cheatin" is her first assignment composing and scoring the music for a full length feature and she just got an Annie Award nomination for it.

Nicole's ethereal voice has also been heard in commercials such as an award-winning Super Bowl Volkswagen ad and a Chrysler commercial directed by actor Adrien Brody.

She sings at high-end events around the world for brands such as Bulgari, Vuitton, Panerai etc …

Whether live or on a soundtrack, Nicole's music is unearthly and haunting, with a sound that spans from a retro feel to a more futuristic vibe, her voice lifting the listener to a sublime space.

Nicole sings in French, English, Italian and German.

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