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  The lincordian is a transparent luminous accordion designed by British artist-engineer, paul etienne lincoln. It is a work of fine art as well as a musical instrument. It is a rarity; only three other copies exist and are available as exclusive collector's items.

The lincordian was originally a part of a large installation entitled hyperbaric-hypobaric - the respiration of memory exhibited at the Alexander and Bonin gallery in New York City in March of 2008. An art film entitled, Undine's curse was also part of this exhibit in which Nicole Renaud played the role of the forlorn nymph, Undine.

Paul Etienne Lincoln is well known for instilling in his elegant works of art a poetic sensibility. His installations are historically-charged, engineering marvels. His works have been displayed in galleries and museums around the world, such as the Hamburger Bahnhof museum in Berlin. the Moma, the New York library and the British arts council are among his faithful exhibitors and collectors.

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