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multimedia show "couleurs"
    couleurs, ;v1r7N :84B ;g6{ @L>_1b

it is a multimedia concert where the translations of
the songs are projected onto the dress

lyrics: nicole renaud
music: nicole renaud & uli geissendoerfer
  H8;v - H8;v:{@87N 3*8& >H>FAV?@.

H8;v:{@87N 3*8& >H>FAV?@,
37:NEM, 9c@L ?C 6'1nAv,
@{87GT0z :q 5^Fm,
=C<155 >x0m, x4B.
H8;v:{@87N 3*8& >H>FAV?@,
1W?M55, 1W3`?M55 >FAV 8V8. 63>nAx,
2I@87N 5H :4G3 3J8S,
@a5i>n9v80 A60";s 0!1n@L?!<-.

1b55 0!?n5% 1f@; @R0m,
GQ0\?o?! ;g6sAx4Y,
8p5g Hg@{0z @Z19@; Av?l0m,
:{@L >F4Q >n5R@; A@@88g.
H8;v:{@87N 3*8& >H>FAV?@,
9+4k 5Z7N <{>n,
Hj7/0!4B 188' >F7!,
?@HD@G 1b4Y82  H8;v:{@87N 3*8& >H>FAV?@,
:N5e740T, 869}@; 0I>n,
8A0"@G D+?lD!?!<-,
?5?x1nAv 3*8& 5%7A0!AV?@ ...
    Hr;v - 3J?!0T Hr;v@; AV0mFD...

3J?!0T Hr;v@; AV0mFD,
:8@LAv >J>F55.
3*@G 3k7!0! 3J?M GT22 GO1b8&
>K>FC$Av 8xGX55.
3*@G A6?kGQ =I@e@L :{3*1b8&,
6YAv >J>F55,
3W0! 0g?! >x@; 6'A6Bw,
4j@; x>n55.

FD6u GO4C@; GbGQ Hr;v,
0aDZ 3lAv >J4B 4+<[@L,
3*@G Hq8A.
>s@=55 >x0m, 4+;gEB55 >x4B,
3J@G @Z@/.

3J?!0T Hr;v@; AV0mFD,
G%GvGR x>n55,
 59@LE3 x>n55.
3l;v - 3J4B 3; 8v@G G30f@; 1W804Y!&

3J4B 1W804Y
3; 8v@G
3l;v@G CJ?x
:N5e7/?n 0h0n
1W7/3* >FAw!&
3W @T8BCc@G =C@[,
3W @T8BCc@G =C@[,
3l;v@G CJ?x, :N5e7/?n 0h0n,
1W8.0m 3W @T8BCc@G =C@[.

1W780T 3*4B,
3J@G C"A690,
3J@G :890.
188' GQ A60",
GO3*@G Hq8A,
GO3*@G ?@7N6s.
GQ ?)@Z, GQ ?dA$,
3W @T8BCc@G 869}?! :|Ax,
GQ ?)@Z, GQ ?dA$,
3W @T8BCc@G 869}?! :|Ax.

  3k6{ - EB>g@G 3k6u:{   
  1m@: 90 >n5N?n GO4C, 3*4B 5N7A?vGOAv >J@88..
1W82@Z?M 9+0E?n 188'@: ;g6sAv0m.
8q@{ >x4B 37, :R8i@G 9c, >25p>4 4+90,
FD55?M GT22 Hj7/0#4Y, C5C5Hw 321h>x@L.


    ;!0- !) 3J?!0T ;!0-@; :83=4Y  
    G30f@L 4^7A0#4Y,
55=C8& 5Z7N Av?l0m,
3*@G 86@=@; A6?kHw FnD!8g,
1bBw0! @Z@e0!8& Ho>s0E8.4B ;g@L.
3*@G >s10!@;:{ n0% 6',
3*4B EB>g@G FH?! >H1d 3*9+8& 9Y6s:;4Y.

3J?!0T ;!0-@; :83=4Y.
je t!/envoie du rouge.
3J?!0T ;g6{@; :83=4Y.
une pens?e d!/amour.


      0KA$ - 3J4B 8;GOAv !00KA$?! 4kGX 8;GXA`!&!1
      3J4B Ek7N 1m 8;GOAv !00KA$?! 4kGX 8;GXA`!&
>F8'4Y?n =E:q@G @N>n?! 4kGX,
6G 9Y4es863* C_?o1n?!1
8qE: ?,GJ7N,
3J4B 0!@e@Z8.8& 1W804Y,
3*@G 4+ He84GQ 4+0!,
3W0! G. x4B 

3*4B 1m@: H# 3J@G 8v  AV@zGOAv >J0m ;}0"GOAv >J0m,
0aDZ 3*;[ @O@; 5N7A?vGOAv >J@88g.
3J@G 0%8A@G 9Y@'?!<-,
1b;]@G :{?!<-,
3J4B 3*8& 9]0\ :{3*0T GO8g,
3*@G A8@g8& @Z@/7S0T GQ4Y.

1W780T 3*4B 0KA$@; :8Av 8xG_4Y!&


      @:;v - 3J@G @::{ 1$1b4B >n5R       

3J@G @::{ 1$1b4B >n5R  3/D+7N?n D.3/C373.

3*@G 9L 3*4B 3J8& 5N7A?vGOAv >J4B4Y.

3*@G :':* @0C<8& Bu0m,
>` 3J4B 3*@G =I@e@: 6UAv 8xGQ4Y.


3J@G 1$1b4B 3*8& AW@LAv 8xGQ4Y.

3J?M GT22 C#0m =M4Y
869}@G @e9L8&.

    !! !! FD6{ - FD6u 9c@: ?l8.8& EB?n4Y!&
    !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!
    !! !! FD6u 9c@: ?l8.8& EB?n4Y.
>H03@G GQ<{88@L,
32@: >FD',
?l8.5i 8vA~@G @g.
1d 9c@: 4^@G :R?!,
?l8.8& EB?v >x>V0m,
:RE84B ?l8.@G @0C<8&
9+7N 885g4Y.
  FD6u 9c@: ?l8.8& EB?n4Y.
3; 3/03@G 1jEP GO3*,
32Av >J@: >FD',
3*4B :qF20E7A 3Q>nAx4Y.
1d 9c@: ?l8.8& EB?n4Y,
>VA$@G :R2I  GO3*>? 5%7A0!,
?l8.@G @/3b=C@}@; EB?n4Y.
  il mattino
la performance: a sound and visual journey into colors
"... a soprano with an angelic voice ... a unique transparent luminous accordion ... an hour of dream ... a romantic visual and sound journey in the depth of the soul and love ... a very lively format ... a magical result ..." (october 24th 2010)
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    accordéon-accordéonistes review "couleurs"
" ... in this album, nicole renaud's sound is white as snow. pure, transparent, lyrical, electroacoustic. intangible beauty, undefinable. unknown magical landscape bathed with enchanting visual music."

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pres release
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haikus from the audience
an option for the show is the audience participation with the writing of haikus during intermission.
> read haikus from new york show
> read haikus from naples show

past dates
galapagos art space new york (usa)
nyu maison française, new york (usa)
gotland international poetry festival, gotland (sweden)
théâtre le bout, paris (france)
centre culturel français, annaba (algérie)

format, tech specifications and credits
solo show or with string quartet
the performer uses her own projector and the show is self contained.
scenography by jacques perdigues

the album

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Nicole Renaud - Couleurs - Le Gris