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capri deluxe
"an angel's voice at villa lysis"
she stalks the rooms of villa lysis, and like a creature from outer space she camouflages herself in her surrounding to take over its souls. "an ethereal soprano voice. she sings, writes, turns poems into music, designs her own costumes and composes soundtracks. she divides her time between new york, italy, japan and france, but it would be better to say she lives in her own invented country, where she lives like a nomad, almost always moving on board her accordion". nicole renaud is the artist described in these words. she is french by birth and a new yorker by adoption. nicole renaud reached capri in 2002, where she was invited to animate the summer season at the capri palace with her music. she was dressed in lights and original and scenographic costumes as she appeared at the pool of this hotel in anacapri, singing ancient airs and romantic songs, armed only with her angelic voice and inseparable accordion. her meeting with villa lysis was first of all because of a photo shoot by umberto d'aniello, but then she was knocked out by the history of the villa which hosted baron fersen, a place which preserves the echoes of an important past intact. this is why she decided to put the poems the baron worte during his stay in capri to music and to produce a cd called "les amants solitaires". however, nicole renaud's artistic life has led to her living the life of a nomad in important international venues: from hong kong to amman, from new york to zurich to las vegas and macao. the big apple was where she had her first experiences in this fascinating and difficult vocation, initially in underground lofts and then in the most prestigious concert halls, where nicole started to compose soundstracks for advertising and films which led to her working with prestigious people. the important person she worked with was the film director bill plympton for whom she composed three tracks for the film idiots and angels" which includes this artist of french origin in the closing titles next to highly prestigious artists such as tom waits and pink martini.