concert multimedia: les haikus du public
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le gris

"like the sand in my boots
or the road to be walked,
why does it hurt so?"

"comme mon coeur très dur
comme mon ennui sans fin
comme du fer très fort"

le blanc

"the white queen moves first
a bleached flaf of surrender
a cloud of cotton"

"flanivoid lush pulp
citric scouring lavish
mingle mince mash meld"

le noir

"i am become death.
destroyer of worlds of men.
johnny cash wore black"

le vert

"green is the color.
the color of plants and life.
sometimes i smoke it."

"alive in the moment.
kissed by the sun and gently carressed by the wind's breath.restoration, renewal, rebirth!!!!"

sometime ago, you thought you had a little bit of faith in me and you planted it. be now! it has grown green so big that there is no more room for doubt. marry me. jean philippe"


"red, the color of blood, love and life.
but if i'm not happy i also see red"

"baisers d'amour fous qui battent en chamade la chanson d'une joie"
(la mice des mice a osé!)

"rouge - mon amour - toujours.
tu es le premier jour"


"jaune comme la couleur de tes cheveux.
jaune comme les rayons du soleil qui transpercent nos coeurs."


"silver sounds waft by.
mice listen, feel soothed, drink wine.
now we write haikus."

"bottle tops glisten. a ring in a circle of love.
magpie flies to you."

le bleu

"cerilion blue la bla
cerilion blue sky, blue bla la
bla la blue blue la"

" blue woman dressed in floating waves
waltzes slowly around words wild."

"blue grotto"