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multimedia concert: the teaser in arabic

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  concert @ galapagos art space, brooklyn, le 23 novembre 2009
translations in arabic by ramzi moufarej

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> english

> français
> russian


the concept

couleurs is a song cycle: it is a love story seen through colors where each song is a color.

the translations of the songs are projected live, like at the opera house. the lyrics are slightly animated and projected above the stage. each song starts with a plain rectangle of color like a rothko's painting and develops into a very discreet subdued choregraphy of words. the texts are easy to read and act as a"corps de ballet" : as the chorus of a ballet company, they enhance the presence of the principal performer.

the audience participates by writing haikus about colors during intermission. those haikus are read on stage during the second part of the show.

> listen to album
> read the audience's haikus
> see 10 minute clip of the show
> see some text animation

technical details

- nicole owns her own screen and projector.

- she launches the subtitles as she sings by pressing onto a miniature pedal hidden under her luminous gown.

- she accompanies herself on her new transparent luminous accordion, the "lincordian" designed by british artist, paul étienne lincoln. she performs solo or as a duo or trio with cellist and/or keyboardist.

- the show is currently available in chinese, japanese, arabic, french, english, spanish, italian, greek, sweedish, german.

- the show is played as a solo (voix/lincordion), duo (+ cello or viola) ou trio (+ keyboards).