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  couleurs is a love story seen through colors,
it is not a linear story but rather a playful meditative landscape composed of various feelings, thoughts, statements drawn through the spectrum of colors ...

couleurs was conceived written and composed by nicole renaud.

co-composed, arranged & produced by pianist uli geissendoerfer, who has worked with international cabaret star ute lemper, grammy nominated jazz trombone player william cepeda and cirque du soleil.

mixed and masterized by fernando aponte, long time collaborator of japanese composer ryuichi sakamoto.

recorded by nicole renaud vocals & accordion
uli geissendoerfer
piano, keyboard, harpsichord, loops
entcho todorov violin
hiroko taguchi
mike block
pedro giraudo
victor prieto

at peter karl's studio in brooklyn

graphics by yvonne meyer lohr
. dusseldorf based artist who designs art books for prestigious publishing companies. see her capri book published by prestel.,

photos by umberto d'aniello, italian photographer whose black and white pictures illustrate nicole's cd les amants solitaires and yvonne meyer lohr's capri book.

nicole wears her own costume designed by feuilloley-renaud and a bracelet by sasha & leo (paris)

(p) and (c) astarté productions 2008