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entire film scoring
cheatin (les amants électriques)(2014)

Feature animated film by Bill Plympton, music Nicole Renaud
ANNIE AWARD NOMINATION 2015 for Nicole Renaud's music score for Bill Plympton's new featured animated film Cheatin!

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scoring a few songs

the invocation (2010)
a documentary by emmanuel itier, narrated by sharon stone

idiots and angels (2008)
an animated featured by oscar nominated bill plympton
featuring 3 songs of nicole along with music by pink martini and tom waits. “the dystopia conjured by idiot and angels, mr. plympton’s sixth and best animated feature, suggests toulouse-lautrec by way of charles bukowski ... it is relentless and brilliant.” (stephen holden, new york times). award at the annecy film festival.

the cow who wanted to be a hamburger (2010)
animated short by bill plympton


the fan and the flower (2005)
animated short by bill plympton
annie award from hollywood international animation society


eat (2002)
animated short by bill plympton
canal + award, cannes film festival

mutant alliens (2001)
animated feature by bill plympton
granx Prix, annecy film festival

crazy love (2007)
a documentary by dan llares
main theme "l'amour est aveugle" (j. ralph)