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  La Barcheta

music & lyrics: pietro buratti
18th century Venitian love song...
photo: Iris Brosch
    Tu crois au marc de café

you believe in superstitions,
omens and tarot cards;
all i believe in is your eyes.

you believe in fairytales,
unlucky days, and dreams;
all i believe in is your lies.

you believe in a vague divinity,
a special saint
and prayers for specific ailments;

i believe in the blue-and-pink hours
that you generously share with me
through the ecstasy of sleepless nights!

and my faith is so deep
in what i do believe in,
that all i live for is you.

poèm: Paul Verlaine
music: Frédéric Lagnau, Nicole Renaud
photo: Iris Brosch
      It snows in Paris

song by Willi Jones
arranged by Yuri Lemeshev
produced Peter Scherer
photo: Iris Brosch
  Valse Médiévale

music: Nicole Renaud
produced by Peter Scherer
photo: Iris Brosch

music: Yuri Lemeshev
photo: Iris Brosch

music: Nicole Renaud
recorded and produced by Didier Carmier
photo: Iris Brosch

music: Nicole Renaud
photo: Iris Brosch