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Les Amants Solitaires: 4 poems of Baron Fersen set to music

the cd
Capri, turn of the century. A French Baron, the Baron Fersen. His palace, the Villa Lysis. Opium interludes, lover’s despair, eroticism avant garde, poetry... One festive night in 1923, he raised to his lips a goblet of champagne laced with cocaine. His last breath drifted away on the breeze. A wave brought his azure melancholy back to me.


vocals and accordion: nicole renaud
guitar: didier carmier
violin: entcho todorov
viola: hirokot taguchi
cello: mary wooten
electro drums: marc caussanel
arranged, produced, recorded & mixed by didier carmier
masterized by ivan feder at oort media studio, brooklyn.
photos by umberto d'aniello
special thanks to the city of capri for giving us access to the villa fersen.

(p) and (c) 2003



  solitary lovers

sing to me softly, the languor of solitary lovers ...
sing to me, would you, the sorrow of being mad, here on earth.
tell me, how on perfumed monsoon nights,
they cried, at the sea edge, for the bitter memory of beloved ones.
can we really see them unawares, like hearing invisible voices,

their disappointed eyes dreaming the impossible?
does no one ever enter the palaces of mourning, where you cry?
i too, have suffered and known the deserts that seal their fate.
that is why, sing to me sofltly the languor of solitary lovers ...
sing to me, will you, the sorrow of being mad here on earth.

poem: baron fersen
music: nicole renaud

  my heart is a bouquet ...

my heart is a bouquet where the sun filters through ...
my heart, so long silent beats up to the sky ...
my heart is wide open, like a lily
and I give myself to the fear of your tender kiss ...

my heart feels so huge, holding love,
and i adore your eyes, those velvet jewels ...
my heart is of brush, made of far away songs ...
my heart is a church open to all human souls ...

my heart is a church where i hear music,
the most beautiful verses, the most melanchly ...
my heart is a reflection of the splendor of the stars,
as i remember at the hour of disaster ...
the kiss

it was a murmur, a madness, the sound of lyres in the azure sky.
it was a rain of delicate roses, almost tranparent in the night.
it was a sunrise, a strange dawn, where angels walked with golden eyes.
it was - floating - an intoxicating perfume, a union of caress and flowers.
amidst wings, light scents amongst bright voices, a call!
ah, softness, morning dew, songs and hope.
love at its birth: your kiss!...
it was a murmur, a madness, the sound of lyres in the azure sky

poem: baron fersen
music: nicole renaud
music videos

les amants solitaires in duo with mario bindi (by umberto d'aniello)

mon coeur est un bouquet (music video by karine laval)

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les amants solitaires live at l'opéra de limoges