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The know-how and the tools

Nicole and her scenographer Jacques Perdiguès create custom made projections for corporate or private events (videos, animations, logos etc ....).
Jacques Perdiguès was the visual conceptor for her show "couleurs", while nicole was the computer programmer..

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pictures from residency at theaterlab, nyc >

> see excerpts couleurs

Nicole has a circular curtain/alcove system (diameter: 10 feet) that can be easily carried in a suitcase. This curtain opens and closes with an
miniature electrical motor. It was imagined by Jacques Perdiguès and brought to life by Christo Holloway from

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examples of applications to clients

presentation of the new season at the Limoges Opera 2011

60th anniversary in São Paolo 2013

Custom made video about the number 60 and nature

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projected onto Nicole's dress